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Your Hosts

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Old Fashioned Hospitality
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All Remote n Wild safaris are hosted by Helen and Pete and supported by their team of Samburu friends

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Helen Douglas-Dufresne & Pete Ilsley

Helens life is 'a safari'!! Almost every day she is on the move!! She has escorted thousands of adventurous travellers through out her life, many in this fabulous region..  In keeping with her philosophy, these trips are not camel riding safaris, but authentic walking treks—some lasting seven days to four weeks or more and covering several hundreds of kilometres, blazing new routes across this remote Northern part of Kenya. If anyone in this country warrants the title ‘modern-day explorer’, it’s this self-made pioneer. True to her pioneer heritage, she runs the treks in a low-key, no-fuss mode.

        Pete was born in Kenya as well.. Spent many years working in remote parts of Southern Sudan, before he joined Helen on her life of safari.. Pete and Helen make a good partnership both taking their turn in the duties in making the safari a 'pure' memory!  Pete is kind and gentle and makes sure right from the shopping list to the table is as good as it can get!! you can rely on him also to pick up all the stragglers, and listening to your stories while on the walks!.. 

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And our wonderful Samburu team


What would we do with out our wonderful charming, fun, caring, traditional Samburu team.. And of course the camels!!

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