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Where do we base ourselves



Here on this hill!!

We live on Lkanto hill at the confluence of the Laana Nikan (Seiya) and Parsaloi  Luggas where they converge and become the mighty Milgis lugga, Lkanto boasts a magnificent 360 degrees view.  Our Normal walking area with the support of our camels is any where with in 200 Kms from this amazing hill.. Whether it be to circumnavigate the Ndotos or Lenkiyou ranges or any part of this if you don't have enough days!...If the peaks of any of these steep mountains are our destination then we swop to lighter equipment and take porters!.. Or the safari may take you West into this lovely semi arid area towards the Siambu hills, and the Suiyan.. North to Mt Nyiru, East to the deserts.. We have a hundred choices!    Further afield we have Suguta, Turkana, Chalbi desert, Marsabit and Kaisut Desert.. You can walk to these amazing destinations but if you don’t have the time we jump into land cruisers!

                                                Some pictures from our home on the Milgis!












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aAA day on safari

The Camels
Friendships flourish
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Your Hosts

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What People Say
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 What you need ?
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