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Journeys of Connection

Our safaris have always been about friends and family... 


The spirit of family, culture and community manifests itself in all we pride our safaris to be, but most of all they are journeys of connection.

Not that long ago, we all lived without screens. We lived without Googling things on the go, and before that, we lived without Google altogether. We lived without checking emails in bed, we lived without capturing the minutiae of our days, we lived without our friends at our fingertips and some of the time, we lived in solitude.


With everyday life placing so many pressures on the "real" time we spend with our families, family life can feel strained. A walking safari with Remote'n'Wild allows you and your family to simply be. Be together. Be immersed in an extraordinary wilderness and reconnect.


Out on our walking safaris, your biggest currency is time. Time to dream, explore and enjoy life again. And children love it, in fact they thrive on safari in unimaginable ways. We go at your pace and tailor everything to your families needs. Our wilderness is the original playstation - a world just ready to be explored.

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What People Say
Northern Kenya
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WWhat you need!

The Camels
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