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'Remote n Wild' offers you are a different kind of safari experience, one where you are free to intimately explore the vastness of one of the world's last true frontiers - the Northern Frontier District of Kenya. A million miles away from the modern world, our walking safaris ( or Vehicle when the destination is too far by foot!) certainly ring true for anyone with a glint in their eye for wild places, adventure and an authentic approach to safari.

Remote is the New Luxury

As our everyday lives get busier and busier and our world becomes smaller, we sometimes crave the time and space to create those little pauses in life to breathe out and reconnect with nature and ourselves. In this rapidly changing world, space and remoteness are your new asset, the new luxury and 'Remote n Wild' has it all.

The Northern Frontier District of Kenya is a wilderness like no other.. Spending time with Helen and Pete and their trusty Samburu team offers you the chance to leave the minutiae of everyday life behind and explore a deeper sense of genuine connection with yourself, family and friends in this extraordinary part of the world.

Adventures with Remote n Wild


Who are we?

Helen Douglas-Dufresne

1, Across the divide in the ndotos.JPG

Pete Ilsley

Our Samburu team &  the Camels

Where We Go
Our Team
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We believe wild life and the pastoral peoples can live peacefully      together as they have done for so long & without borders.

Heading 2

Poi sunrise x.JPG

My sixth safari in the Northern Frontier !  Just keeps getting better and more Beautiful! This was a georgeous route north-we walked hard,enjoyed the full moon and even shunted disaster with the terrible camel fall.. great memories,-great trip-can't wait for the next...  

Milgis Trust
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