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The Northern Frontier District of Kenya..


      From real desert, semi desert, arid bushland, lakes and mountains.....

                  These Beautiful Northern Mountains..

Lenkiyou (The Matthews) & Ndotos Ranges, Mt Nyiru, Mt Kulal and Mt Marsabit..

                    Extraordinary 'Islands in the deserts'

These 5 mountains rise majestically out of the surrounding arid lowlands, & are clad in thick almost pristine indigenous forests. Each mountain is completely different, each one with its own unique 'character'..  These ancient forests are home to a vast array of wildlife, birds and plant species. Some very rare, endemic only to these mountains.. The diversity of these forests are of great conservation value. 


s the Milgi Lu that winds its way between the Matthews r

                                   The Deserts and Lakes

         Chalbi & Kaisut deserts, Suguta Valley and  Lake's Turkana and Baringo

 Dramatically beautiful, 'wild' wild life, scenically amazing, hot, windy, and untameable!!

The Kaisut is the home of the Rendille people, amazing desert stockmen, still very much nomadic.. Its the area that stretches out towards Mt Marsabit, east of the Lenkiyou and Ndoto Mountains and its a wonder what beauty can be found here..

Further north looms the inhospitable Chalbi Desert, the home of the graceful Gabbra people.. The Chalbi pretends to be a shimmering lake, but it is actually an ocean of hot and dry volcanic sand raging from horizon to horizon although when the rains come, the desert turns into a non-navigable shallow very salty lake. There are beautiful Oasis's all around this extraordinary Desert...  

Then the amazing Jade sea 'Mbaso' named Lake Rudolf in 1888 by Teleki the first european to see it, and now known to the world as Lake Turkana... named after the hardy people who live there:  beautiful, hot, deserted, AND windy but a place you will never regret going to!  Famous of course for Koobi Fora in Sibiloi where amazing fossils have been found including earliest man!.

South down the Rift Valley over the ' southern volcanic barrier', into the hot and very wild Suguta .. Some of the most diverse & incredible scenery .. volcanos, lava flows, sand dunes, and the amazing Suguta river.. The Turkana mainly frequent the north and Pokot reign in the southern part, including around the great Volcano.. Silale.. .. 

South to Baringo.. our family home for so many years, and the Njemps people.. A lake of many 'moods'.. Plenty of birds and fabulous scenery.. Watching the light on the Rift Valley wall change is a wonderful pass time!!


Just a little on the NFD (  Northern Frontier District of Kenya) In the old days if you wanted to travel to this area you had to get a special permit!  Although this has lapsed now, it still is a great challenge for many people to go there and yet it has some of the most beautiful scenery one could ask for!.. Its amazing you go past the ‘old’ barrier and its like another world!.. its remote, almost frightening, its extraordinary and if you have time you will leave this place thinking did I really experience all this!!

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