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AA few details to consider!.. 

                    First and foremost you need a good positive, fun and adventurous spirit!


                          Now for abit more info  ............ 

                                            Most safaris are around 10 to 15 days, minimum 6 nights..


            Every safari is different. Each one is tailored to your interest, the time you have available and the season.


                                                                         Moonlight is a bonus.


     The distance you cover on the walks each day is flexible, depending on you and suitable campsites but it is                                        usually between 8-20 kms. You don't have to be superfit, just a little resilient. 


                  It takes time to tune in to nomadic life - once it grabs these will be days you wont forget. 


The climate is hot and dry. Rains are expected in April/May and again end October/November. This in no way prevents us from going on safari: seeing a dry lugga change to a roaring torrent in 2 minutes is something else!

Helen and Pete and their loyal Samburu crew are committed to ensuring that you enjoy your safari in every possible comfort and safety. They make a good team, are all experts in the bush and will proudly show you everything of interest. Helen, after many years in the district, is well known and respected by the local people. She is well versed in folklore, botany, ornithology and astronomy.  


WHAT WE PROVIDE..The best possible personal attention is offered with genuine enthusiasm from the entire crew. Excellent food and drink, all camping equipment and ablution facilities. ... A laundry service can usually be provided in camp, depending on water availability.. Please remember this is a mobile safari, so camp is packed up every day on to the camels, (or vehicles) and a new camp is found each day.. SO... don't expect to post letters on the way!!


WHAT TO BRING..Cool bush clothes, a set of warm clothes, sweater, light rain coat, sarongs/kikois, toiletries, comfortable walking shoe/boots, flip flops/sandles for camp, flashlight/headtorch, hat, low cut gaitors can be useful, suncreams, insect repellant, and a water bottle-all packed in a soft bag... You must have your own comprehensive travel insurance, and please anticipate gratuities if you are happy with the staff services...


We have one request of our guests: Please remember that you are a welcome guest in this unspoilt tribal country where few tourists have the honor of visiting. We ask you to respect the dignity of the local people you meet en route by not photographing or bartering with them. Of course you may photograph our traditional Samburu guides..

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