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The Camels

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A Timeless Caravan

CAMELS these amazing animals, are the key to Remote'n'Wild journeys. They enable us to get into some untraveled corners.. .... Being on foot in this vast wilderness is an altogether different kind of intimacy one just can NOT get within the constraints of a vehicle. The only practical and low impact way to explore this region is with a willing team of camels & their Samburu friends..

These are wonderful animals... Friendly, funny, strong, easy to put a load on, and can with stand incredible heat, and lack of food and water, better than any animal.. They are the perfect safari animal.. Many people have a bad opinion about these amazing animals, but you'll soon learn on safari that this is not true!!


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Every morning it feels both natural and reassuring to be with the camels as they stand loaded and roped together in this timeless manner. Once the camels set sail, your day really begins. Much more than mere bearers of kit and supplies, the camels will become your guides and loyal companions throughout your safari. The sight of them strung together with laden saddles, whether silhouetted atop a peak or crossing an empty lugga, stirs all sorts of images. Their steady presence seems somehow to conjure an entire era of exploration.

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Friendships flourish
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Northern Kenya
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