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People & The Mountains

Hi All Digby here - I have been incredibly lucky to be getting involved with the Milgis and hope to see many good years in this area. The Milgis Family is better than I could have ever imagined! Anyway here is some insight on these exciting Northern water catchments.

The Ndoto Mountains, Mathews Ranges, Mount Nyiro and Kulal are the lifeblood of Northern Samburu. They are the dry season relief for animals and people alike. Apart from being uniquely beautiful they also play an important role in the balance of these eco-systems.

The water is the main thing. The pristine forests retain large amounts of it during the rains and act as a slow release mechanism during the drought. Water availability draws people from far out areas because grazing is available during even the worst droughts. A recent trip to Poi showed us just how important these areas are.

People will go to extreme lengths to get their livestock to new pastures just like this daunting cattle pass built by one family on Poi in the Eastern Ndotos. These cliff hanging herdsman have got to navigate the stairways of Poi during the dry season. They lose animals all the time but the good pastures are worth the risk.

And here are some of the other inhabitants that share these islands of grass with people and livestock.

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