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Team Building Workshop, Mathews Ranges

The Milgis just had the most fantastic team building workshop in the northern Mathews ranges. Not your average corporate getaway. Our hope is to create a better understanding between the people and the mountains. Therefore it was a sensible idea to get everybody to the top and talk. Dense forest biomes right up into the heavens. We found ourselves camping on a rock with a view which was a great opportunity for all.

But it wasn't all about good views. We managed to confront many of the problems encountered on the mountain like this podocarps tree that was felled by hand to get a bee hive. All of that effort for a few jars of honey. This tree probably would have grown into one of the many forest giants seen in the Mathews.

Look at the size of this tree we stopped beside. It is scary to think that one fire could wipe out hundreds of years of growth. A major topic covered on the workshop was fire. They are so easily started during the dry season usually by careless honey hunters. Which is why we would like to start a beekeeping programme educating people on how to harvest honey sustainably without damaging trees and killing bees.

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